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 Lakeland TigerTown 

 Rotary Club


Our group consists of young and established professionals that are passionate about giving back to the community.



Service Above Self


Personal Development



Our club is focused on the needs of local disadvantaged populations, including veterans, the homeless, and children with disabilities.


Our goal is to keep our club fresh. We look for well-rounded individuals who want to serve the community while developing their personal and professional skills with other professionals in the community. 

Our meeting format is different, designed for members of the community who are not able to make the traditional meetings. This allows for a greater emphasis to be put on the foundation of Rotary: Fellowship and "Service Above Self."

We began our club with the 30 founding members consisting of an accountant, a banker, four small business owners, two commercial realtors, one consultant, one finance professional, one healthcare professional, two insurance professionals, three legal professionals, two law enforcement officers, two manager of large businesses, one non-profit professional, three real estate professionals, one retail professional, three marketing professionals, one sales professional, and one sports management professional. We have a wide variety of backgrounds and have numerous opportunities for growth. The founding members consisted of 16 females and 14 males, adding to our diversity and furthering our opportunities.

It is always encouraged to bring coworkers, employees and spouses to our meetings as we are looking to develop a fun, professional group of well-rounded people.


Our club has one general body meeting at the first Monday of the month at 5:30PM that is held at the 34 Club at Lakeland TigerTown. This meeting will include a cocktail hour and dinner to encourage lasting friendships and mentorships among members to form before the meeting begins.

A second meeting takes place on the third Monday of every month at lunchtime which puts a focus on supporting Lakeland businesses. Each lunch meeting is help at a new restaurant and is great for mingling with members and learning about upcoming service projects and Rotary events taking place soon.

Service Projects

Service Above Self is one of our founding principles and is at the heart of what Rotary is.

Our club is determined to make a difference in our local, district, and international communities. As such, each member is required to attend one mandatory service project per quarter. As a club dedicated to service, we will have at least one service project for members to participate in each month. 

We currently have a partnership set up with Fleming’s Platoon, a part of Habitat for Humanity who is building houses with and for the Veterans in Mulberry. They are looking for both fundraising opportunities and build days and are very excited to be a part of the new club!

Longevity of Our Club

Members leave for various reasons. Some move away, have too much on their plates, get bored with the club, or do not have enjoy the projects. Rarely is the reason financial. We feel that with keeping the cost of the club low and offering a relaxed, fun environment, with a couple of cocktails, we will keep people coming back for more! The key words are fun and interesting, with service sprinkled all about! 

Our cocktail club will outlast anybody else. Why? People will join to have a couple of drinks, dinner and laugh!

We also realize that people want to have a stake in the club. The Rotary International dues have been covered by a contribution to the club for the first thirty members. After the first year, dues will be $250, covering both Rotary International dues and a small amount to go to the club for various fundraising activities.

Interactions with Current Local Clubs

We hear and recognize the fears of the current local clubs and want to remind everyone we are not here to poach. Rather, we have identified a need in the community, and we are looking to interact with the existing clubs in Lakeland! With that being said, the plan is to participate in all fundraisers, service projects, and activities of the other clubs. Our goal is to unite the Lakeland Rotary Clubs through service projects and fellowship. We already have some great ideas for events to unite the clubs and we look forward to sharing in the fellowship!

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